World Wetlands Day 2005 -- Cameroon



Organizers: Forest and Agro- Forestry Promoters (FAP) - Ndop Based
Non - Governmental Organization.
P.O Box 21, Ndop, Ngoketunjia Division
Tel: (237) 783 98 43, Email:

As the theme of the day goes "There's wealth in wetlands diversity - Don't loose it." The main objective was to raise awareness on the benefits of the Ndop flood plain inland valley fresh water wetlands and to participatory diagnose some of the key threats to wetland values and functions.

Among the stakeholders implicated were the following in attendance, during the 02/02/2005 sensitization meeting; Representative of Divisional Delegation of the Ministry of Environment and Forest (MINEF), Traditional Authorities, Graziers and Farmers.

Discussions were facilitated by Mr. Jaff Francis Agiamntebom (coordinator of FAP) and he started by explaining to stakeholders what wetlands are all about, this was followed, by a brain storming exercise on the functions and values of wetlands then presentation.

Some of main benefits presented include: rice cultivation, fish farming, and pastureland in the dry season, dry season gardening, provision of palm fibre for craft.

The second round of discussions were on the major threats to wetlands, like' intensification of rice cultivation that is draining the wetlands, farmer -graziers conflicts on rice farms and hunting of waterfowls.

Resolutions: It was unanimously resolved that:

1) FAP has to be more aggressive in encouraging conservation farming especially, in the Ndop watershed to restore stream flows.

2) FAP will contact the Upper Noun Vally Development Authority (UNVDA) - The main rice cultivation organization in Ndop and initiate some soil/water conservation programmes in the rice farms.

3) Rice farmers will be advised not to burn, their rice husks, but to keep them at strategic places around their farms for cattle consumption.

4) People involved in waterfowl hunting will be sensitized on the need to protect them and will be empowered (through micro-credit schemes/and training) to embark on poultry farming/Rabbitory etc. (See pictures below).

Sensitization meeting with stakeholders by Jaff Francis (Coordinator of Forest and Agro - Forestry promoters Ndop)

Picture shows rice fields and rice husk (consumed by cattle) after harvesting

Traditional authority briefing stakeholders on their role on wetland

Jaff Francis measuring water depth in the heart of dry season after wetland day celebration

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