World Wetlands Day 2005 -- Romania


Dear Sir/ Madam,

Herewith Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve Authority Tulcea (Romania) is very pleased to report the programme of activities organised for the celebration of the environmental event "World Wetlands Day" .

On the 2nd of February 2005, Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve Authority, in cooperation with schools from the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve area and from Tulcea, celebrated the International Wetlands Day, under the motto: "There's wealth in wetland diversity -- don't lose it!"

The main activities program organised by the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve Authority included:

- Achievement of a leaflet and an information material about the importance of this environmental event. The posters sent by the Ramsar Secretariate have been displayed in schools.

- On the 2nd of February 2005, at 10.00 a.m., at DDBRA headquarters took place a special program comprising the following activities:

  • Foreword - the importance of the day; wetlands - importance, functions and values
  • Thematic games- "Report to the Ramsar Secretariate" ; "Let's learn what wetlands are…" (puzzles) - this section was supported by the volunteers from the Centre of Information and Education in Wastes Management from Tulcea -coordinator teacher Mrs. Claudia Iosifescu
  • "Stories from the Delta's Kingdom - children's dialogue with the living creatures in the delta" - section supported by the students from the School no. 5- coordinator teacher Mrs. Dorina Ciopeica
  • scientific dissertations - Tulcea Childhood Palace - section supported by the students from The Circle of Astronomy, speleology- coordinator teacher Mr. Nicoale Dobrescu
  • thematic play presented by the students from "Nifon Balasescu" School- Tulcea, guiding teacher Mrs. Pasa Vladimirov
  • Launching of the didactic material: "Danube Delta Creatures Family" (small dictionary of plants and animals, environmental factors) - this material was realized within the Partnership "Delta's Children" - initiated by the "Henri Coanda" Technical College from Tulcea and was distributed to the participant schools and to those within the partnership
  • Launching of a new environmental education program concerning the waste recicling

At the celebration participated more than 100 persons (students, teachers, parents, volunteers) from different schools from Tulcea: Centre of Information and Education in Wastes Management; "N. Cornateanu" Agricultural College; Childhood Palace; "Grigore Antipa" School; Food Industries School; School no. 5, "Nifon Balasescu" School and other.

Similar specific actions took place in the schools from DDBR territory: Sulina- DDBRA Information Centre; Crisan School; Mila 23 School; Caraorman School; Chilia Veche School; Sf. Gheorghe School.

At the end of the celebration, the children from Tulcea that celebrated World Wetlands Day elaborated the following messages for all the children who live in wetlands:

1. " From the wonderful Danube Delta, we send our friendly greeting and our message for keeping the wetlands as a treasure for as long as possible and to do our best not to lose it. We should all forget about the differences among the nationalities and fight together for biodiversity protection and conservation. There's wealth in wetland diversity - let's keep it for us and for next generations! "

2. "Biodiversity is the greatest wealth of wetlands. It means plants, animals and people which live in this vulnerable ecosystem. Let's protect biodiversity for future generations, to enjoy this living mosaic."

Please, find attached photos and press release about the event.

Yours truly,

Virgil Munteanu
Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve Authority

"There's wealth in wetland diversity
- don't lose it!"

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