World Wetlands Day 2005 -- Guandu Nature Park, Taipei


Guandu wetland is the closest natural area to Taipei metropolitan. You don't have to make a time-consuming plan, just take the MRT (Mass Rapid Transportation), and you can enjoy a wonderful time there. The Guandu wetland approaches nature, therefore the unavoidable human activities greatly disturb the wetland ecology. It also enhances the difficulty of managing this habitat.

The stray dogs in Guandu wetland are a serious problem due to high development. In recent years, development of the Guandu area and the feeding of stray dogs by Guandu residents has increased the number of dogs in Guandu Nature Park. The clever dogs sneak in from the fence slit underneath, dig some gaps, enlarge the silt and open up the entrance. By their intrusion, they create an enormous disturbance to the wetland wild animals.

Guandu Nature Park boundary is already equipped with a fence, and the Department of Economic Development of Taipei City Government has also built a second one in an attempt to keep out the dogs. However, the future maintenance and repair of these fences need more human, material and financial resources. If the resources for this long-term maintenance are lacking, the effort and hard work will be wasted!

Guandu Nature Park staff and volunteers who are finishing fence repair work before World Wetlands Day, not only want to prevent the dog disturbance to the wetland, but are also trying to bring to public attention wetland conservation and the stray dog issue.

The staff and volunteers first revamped the big slit by using some prepared wooden stakes, and then they moved the wooden stake to the park boundary, meticulously fixed them in the slit that is expanded by dogs, even the possible place dogs will invade and the exploited areas. By this careful work they hope to temporarily eradicate the disturbance to the winter visitors, spring migrants and resident birds.

These volunteers who responded to World Wetlands Day include the IMBA foreign students of Chanchi University who not only complete their degree in Taiwan, but also join the protection of Guandu wetland, while Guandu Nature Park is seeking more support and sponsorship. The management office of the Park also released the motion on World Wetlands Day to the media. The park hopes this action can raise people's awareness of biodiversity conservation and obtain valuable ideas for solving problems of stray dogs.

"There's wealth in wetland diversity
- don't lose it!"

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