World Wetlands Day 2005 -- United States


Marin County, California, USA

February 1, 2004
FROM: Steve Kinsey and Cynthia Murray
SUBJECT: Resolution for recognition and support of World Wetlands Day on February 2, 2005.

Dear Colleagues:

RECOMMENDATION: Adopt resolution.

SUMMARY: As our county has many biologically diverse and important wetland habitats, we are writing to ask that our Board adopt a resolution supporting wetland protection projects throughout the county and recognizing World Wetlands Day 2005.

Marin County is unique in its range and distribution of coastal and bay wetlands. These ecosystems are amongst the highest in biodiversity, productivity and biotic potential. They also provide essential habitats for many wildlife and plant species, filter out harmful toxins, clean our water and control flooding, making them extremely important to the stability and quality of our natural environment. Wetland habitats such as the 632-acres of woodlands and baylands at Bahia in Novato, 2600-acre Hamilton/Bel Marin Keys Unit V wetlands, and the 6,800-acre Tomales Bay Estuary, are key examples of the myriad of ecologically important wetlands throughout Marin. Many of our wetlands are currently under projects of restoration and protection. Organizations involved in these conservation efforts are organizations and agencies such as:

-- The Bay Institute
-- California Coastal Conservancy
-- California Department of Fish and Game
-- Environmental Action Committee of West Marin
-- Friends of Corte Madera Creek
-- Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary
-- Farallones Marine Sanctuary Association
-- Marin Audubon Society,
-- Marin Conservation League
-- Marin Municipal Water District
-- Marin Resource Conservation District
-- Mill Valley Streamkeepers
-- National Park Service
-- Open Space District of the County of Mari
-- San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board
-- Sierra Club of Marin
-- Tomales Bay Association
-- Tomales Bay Watershed Council
-- Trout Unlimited
-- And others

We would like to take the opportunity to reaffirm our board's understanding of the value of wetlands, thank the organizations that safeguard them, and pledge our support for their conservation and protection. Please join us in supporting the aforementioned organizations, amongst others, and World Wetlands Day 2005.

WHEREAS, Marin County is unique in its range and distribution of wetland habitats from coast to bay, and is extraordinary in its diverse range of wetland plant and animal species; and

WHEREAS, these wetlands are ecologically important to sustaining the county's ecosystems and quality of life; and

WHEREAS, many of Marin's public agencies and non-governmental organizations are dedicated to and have made great efforts to protect and preserve Marin's abundant coastal and bay wetlands; and

WHEREAS, World Wetlands Day is coordinated by the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands and is an opportunity for government agencies, non-governmental organizations, and groups of citizens to undertake actions aimed at raising public awareness of wetland values and the benefits from these rich environmental resources;

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Marin County Board of Supervisors recognizes the benefit of wetlands to our ecosystem and well-being, and hereby declares that February 2, 2005 be known as World Wetlands Day.

"There's wealth in wetland diversity
- don't lose it!"

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