World Wetlands Day 2004 -- Viet Nam


Word Wetlands Day 2004 in Viet Nam

To commemorate the World Wetlands Day this year, Vietnam organised a number of activities to raise awareness of the values of wetlands and promote the sustainable use of this invaluable resource.

At national level, a meeting was held by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MoNRE), the Institute of Ecology and Biological Resources (IEBR), and The World Conservation Union (IUCN) in February 2. Attending the meeting were the Vice Minister of MoNRE, a numbers of representatives from relevant government agencies and ministries, research institutions, universities, NGOs, donors, and mass media. In the speech delivered at the meeting, the Vice Minister of MoNRE, Dr. Pham Khoi Nguyen, called for 'every levels, sectors, associations and citizen to take action to contribute to the protection and sustainable development of wetlands of the country'.

At the meeting, two publications were also launched. The first one was the booklet 'Conservation and Sustainable Development of Wetlands in Vietnam', a publication that introduces the newly adopted government degree on wetland in Vietnam. The decree will provide a legal and policy framework for effectively conserving and wisely utilising wetlands in the country. Another booklet was 'Invasive Alien Species: The Silence Invasion'. The publication gives a brief introduction to the biological invasion issues that are of critical concerns in managing biodiversity as well as the wetlands. The Country Representative of IUCN, Mr. Nguyen Minh Thong stressed in his note that 'Effectively dealing with invasive alien species on the one hand helps to protect our biodiversity heritage and on the other hand promotes more and more synergy between the Ramsar Convention and other MEAs such as the Convention on Biological Diversity'.

At provincial level, among others, it is worth to note an awareness campaign that was organised in Tram Chim National Park and Dong Thap Muoi Ecosystem Restoration Area, also in February 2. Held by the Tram Chim National Park and Dong Thap Muoi Ecosystem Restoration Area Management Boards, Department of Nature Resources and Environment of Dong Thap, local youth unions and mass media, activities of the campaign included keynotes of local authorities, video footages with interviews with experts on the values of wetlands and site visits for pupils.

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