World Wetlands Day 2004 -- Turkey


Date: mar. 17.02.2004 20:52
À: PECK Dwight - Ramsar

Objet : WWD-2004 Turkey's Report

Dear Peck Dwight; Greetings from Turkey. Here is our report about World Wetlands Day activities in Turkey. Also you can find some photos about our events in attachment.

Turkey celebrated the World Wetlands Day on 13-14 February 2004 at Fethiye/Mugla with collaboration of Ministry of Environment and Forestry (MOEF), Municipality of Fethiye, WWF-Turkey and FETAV (Local NGO), with many events. The day didn't take place on 2 February 2004 because this day was coincided with the second day of Religious Fest in Turkey. About 250 participants from different disciplines such as local people (hunters, students, etc.), both national and local NGOs, relevant institutions, universities. The day has been celebrated in 3 sessions (speeches, panel, and field trip). On the first day; the multimedia show of Turkey's Wetlands has been presented and after this, welcome speeches from the governor of Fethiye City, the General Director of Nature Conservation and National Parks, and the Governor of Mugla Province took place. At the end of morning session, the studies of Wetlands Division, FETAV, and WWF-Turkey have been presented. The panel, which was about the Conservation Studies in Turkey from NGOs point of view had been organised in the second session. The Panelists were WWF- Turkey, the Society of Bird Researches, The Society of Nature Conservation, and FETAV. In the second day, we went to a field trip to the wetlands of Fethiye such as Çalis Marshes, Ölüdeniz Lagoon and Akgöl.

In the first day, the desks were opened during whole day by MOEF (Wetlands Division), The Province of Mugla, the Authority of Specially Protected Areas, and WWF-Turkey. Just like last year, we produced the translated version of Ramsar's WWD posters (2003 and 2004), a poster on Turkish Ramsar Sites and we also produced the calendar of 2004, miscellaneous stickers and some useful materials such as notebooks and files. The handbag for WWD was produced with the collaboration of MOEF and WWF-Turkey, which was distributed with these diverse materials. The wetlands kit (Ramsar Handbook 1 "the wise use of wetlands" in Turkish, and the Wetland Values and Functions in Turkish) was produced and distributed by MOEF and WWF-Turkey.

And also, in the evening of first day, a cultural organization took place. By listening, singing and dancing with Turkish folk music, friends of wetlands, tried to be prepared for new hard working days.

Best Regards,

Turkish Ministry of Environment and Forestry
General Directorate of Nature Conservation and National Parks
Department of Nature Conservation
Wetlands Section

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