World Wetlands Day 2004 -- Romania


Dear Sir/ Madam,

Herewith the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve Authority Tulcea (Romania) is very pleased to report the programme of activities organised for the celebration of the environmental event "World Wetlands Day" on 2nd February 2004, as the following:

Achievement of a leaflet and a poster that emphasizes the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve co-operation with other protected areas and wetlands from all over the world; these materials are particularly dedicated to this event;

Organisation of a meeting between students and teachers from Tulcea schools at the Information and Ecological Education Centre of the DDBRA on the 1st February 2004. More than 60 students from Tulcea and Mahmudia schools, teachers, parents, representatives of the local NGOs participated to this event.

The manifestation program:
Foreword - the importance of the day; wetlands - importance, functions and values
One - act play -
Thematic montage - grouping of poems presented by the students
Interactive games concerning the wetlands(functions, values, behaviour standards):
Elaboration of messages to be transmitted by the participants to other co-operating schools from Romania

The event was also celebrated at the Kindergarten no. 19 from Tulcea, with 82 pre-school kids, "the youngest wetlands admirers" and 16 students - environment volunteers, on the 2nd of February.

The activities were mediated by the local mass-media and by the national radio program "Radio România Actualitati".

Actions organised in Sulina (DDBRA Information Centre):

On the 1st of February was organised a meeting in co-operation with the Sulina Cultural Club. At the event were present 50 persons (students, teachers, representatives of the tourism companies, boats owners). The subjects of this meeting comprised discussions concerning the Ramsar Convention, the importance of wetlands and of the "World Wetlands Day", as well as information about the tourism activity in the DDBR perimeter (touristic routes, strictly protected areas, license issuing procedure for boats, etc.).

On the 2nd of February was organised an action dedicated to the World Wetlands Day with the participation of 43 students from Sulina.

Actions organised at Sf. Gheorghe School

On 31 January 2004 - the event was celebrated by the Ecological Club from Sf. Gheorghe School - within this action the children realised thematic drawings and games.

During 2- 6 February 2004, DDBRA wardens distributed leaflets and information materials about the environmental event in all the schools from DDBR.

The children from Tulcea that celebrated World Wetlands Day elaborated the following message for all the children who live in wetlands: "The theme of this year's WWD: From the Mountains to the Sea; Wetlands at Work for Us is very generous. In this case, it would only be fair if we will return the favour and help keeping the wetlands safe and clean".

Yours truly,

Cornelia Aftodor
Ecological Education and International Relations Department
Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve Authority

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