World Wetlands Day 2003: Russian Federation


Dear workers of Ramsar Bureau!

We are NGO "Tomsk Environmental Students' Inspection" (TESI). Every year we organize Wetland Days (in February-May). During this action we conduct different actions mainly with university students, teachers and schoolchildren.

There is the largest swamp all over the world in our region (Vasjuganskoje boloto, Western Siberia, Russia). But in recent years there was much human impact to its ecosystems, especially due to oilfields. So it is crucial to tell local people, companies and government about protection of this wetland and its rare species.

Last year we organized the competition of wetland pictures. We enclose some images to this message. After this we present some books and wetland posters to the authors of the best pictures. Also during this action we wrote articles about the necessity of wetland protection for the regional newspapers.

In this message we would like to inform you that we are going to broaden the program of WWD in Tomsk-city. Please, tell us, is it possible to send us a new Ramsar video in English? It would be of great help for our work and providing information on wetlands for local communities (ecologists, schoolchildren, scientists, etc.). We have an opportunity to show this film to many people group in the office of our organization and in schools. Also we will consider all your suggestions on showing of this video. Our post address: Russia, 634026, Tomsk, Krymskaja st., 23-1.

We are always at your disposal if you need to spread information sobre Wetlands here in Siberia.

Sincerely, Alexey Kudryavtsev, Coordinator of biodiversity programs, TESI, Tomsk, Western Siberia, Russia

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