World Wetlands Day 2002 - colorful materials to brighten the occasion


Posters, stickers, calendar available free from the Ramsar Bureau

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New posters are now available. The suggested theme of World Wetlands Day 2002, next 2 February or thereabouts, has to do with the cultural heritage and values of wetlands, and this vibrant poster illustrates many variations of that theme. Here one sees the three language versions of the new poster in all of their spotlit majesty.

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The Bureau of the Convention on Wetlands, despite sobering budgetary constraints, is pleased to offer reasonable numbers of this enduring collector's item free of all charges, in any of the three Ramsar languages (English, French, or Spanish).

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This superb poster was designed and produced, under the inspired tutelage of the Secretary General and Ms Sandra Hails, by Saatchi and Saatchi Rowlands (Switzerland), and funded under the Danone Group's Evian Project.

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Pocket Calendar

Is this cute or what? Fall desperately in love with it. View more here.

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Still more stickers

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In addition to last year's five colorful  9-cm. (3.5-inch) diameter World Wetlands Day stickers, we can now offer three more, on cultural themes, little sets of eight designs, each of them printed in the three Ramsar working languages: English, French, and Spanish.  Just write to Valerie Higgins ( and request any reasonable quantities to be sent to you in the post. The eight stickers are bundled, by language version, in little anthrax-free Ziplock(tm) baggies for your convenience.

wwd-stickersnew-e1a.jpg (18329 bytes)

wwd-stickersnew-s3a.jpg (18497 bytes)

The JPG versions of the stickers may also be freely reproduced as required.

wwdsticker1s-sm.jpg (8324 bytes)

wwdsticker1f-sm.jpg (8211 bytes)

wwdsticker2f.jpg (20397 bytes)

wwdsticker2e-sm.jpg (7565 bytes)

wwdsticker2s-sm.jpg (7982 bytes)

wwdsticker3f-sm.jpg (7768 bytes)

wwdsticker3e-sm.jpg (7400 bytes)

wwdsticker4s-sm.jpg (8180 bytes)

wwdsticker4f-sm.jpg (7983 bytes)

wwdsticker5f-sm.jpg (7046 bytes)

wwdsticker5e-sm.jpg (7378 bytes)

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evian2.jpg (2371 bytes)danone.jpg (2960 bytes) These excellent products for World Wetlands Day have been financially supported by the Evian Project funded by the Danone Group.

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