World Wetlands Day 2002: United Kingdom, Northern Ireland


Subject: WorldWetlands day Report (Fermanagh)

Hello Valerie

World Wetlands Day in Fermanagh was introduced by a week of solid rain before the event!!! Everywhere experienced flooding. Most rivers had broken their banks and many landowners in the Fermanagh area were not in the mood to celebrate Wetlands Day!!

On the day, we held several events for children. For the younger kids there was a fun day of painting a river scene. The older kids got the opportunity to pull on "wellies" and go out on a "SpecK Trail" around the locality. They followed the life of a speck of water, air and soil through time. All the kids had a lovely and interesting time and returned to the hall wet and happy to the comfort of juice and sandwiches.

For the adults we had several talks. The topics were Birdlife of the area - talk by Royal Society for Protection of Birds; Conservation and Designations - talk by Government Conservation Ranger; The River Finn, its status and management possibilities.-talk by Northern Region Fisheries Board.

This event could have been better attended, however, given the weather that had been experienced in the previous week and the fact that the event took place in the middle of the day (12.00 - 4.00pm), people were not so keen to attend.

Each of the talks was very interesting and informative for those who did attend. Literature was then sent out to the local schools so that all schools could be up to date in the Wise use of Floodplains. Slowly but surely we are getting the message across to the Fermanagh County Residents that issues about water affect everyone within the whole catchment and further afield. We will continue to develop the promotion of the wise use of floodplains; and Water matters. Should anyone want further information, please email me at the address below.


Selene Fee
Erne Sustainable Wetlands Project

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