World Wetlands Day 2002: Slovenia


World Wetlands Day in Slovenia

Dr Gordana Beltram, Counselor to the Minister, reports:

Slovenia's main aim for the WWD2002 is to encourage different actors and address different target groups at the local level. Members of the National Ramsar Committee are actively involved in these activities.

In the post office of Secovlje a postmark [right] will be used for 10 days between 2nd and 12th February. Along with a postmark a postcard has been published. The initiative has been prepared by the LDS Ecological Forum. You will find the postmark on the home page of "posta Slovenije" where it appears under philately "".

The ALAS project (All about Salt) is coordinated by the Commune of Piran. Together with Ixobrychus (a local ornithological society) they are organising a round table on the natural and cultural heritage of Secoveljske soline. The invited speakers include representatives of three main Ministries: Ministry of the Environment and Spatial planning, sectors on nature, water and resource management; Ministry of Culture and the Commune of Piran. The round table will take place on Friday, 1st February.

We invited wetland experts to make a contribution to the main Slovenian newspapers and publish articles throughout the month of February.

National and local NGOs were invited to organise activities on the 2nd February locally, mainly to involve local people. DOPPS-Birdlife Slovenia is organising different activities around the country; a local NGO from the Mura region TABRIH working with the local radio station is inviting representatives from the local communities along the Mura River on a walk in the Mura floodplain; Ms. Katja Poboljsaj, Societas herpetologica slovenica, the Slovenian Amphibian and Reptile Society, reported that in Kocevje where the exhibits on "Kali" (karstic ponds) are currently opened for public, lectures on wetlands will be organised.

The management authority of the Skocjan Caves Regional Park and Triglav National Park are organising local events. Colleagues from the regional offices of the Nature Conservation Institute are also involved in local activities.

The Ramsar CEPA national coordinator, Minka Vicar (National Institute of Education), invited all primary and secondary schools in Slovenia to organise activities related to the suggested theme "Wetlands: Water, Life and Culture" and report back to her. Individuals from schools that are involved and report on their activities will be rewarded by a guided excursion to Cerknica lake (karst wetland in Slovenia) in May 2002 (organised together with the Ministry of Environment).

The Environmental Agency of the Republic of Slovenia, at the Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning, published an information poster on Wetlands to be presented at a press conference on the 11th February at the Ljubljana Zoo. Copies of the poster will be distributed to all schools in Slovenia.

The Monday 28 January issue of the main Slovenian paper DELO has a special edition called Znanost (Science). Three pages were dedicated to 2.2.2002: Stane Peterlin was in the introductory note discussing about wetlands, human attitudes towards them and their still unrecognised values. While the two main pages were dedicated to Ljubljansko barje (potential Ramsar Site) its ecological values (dr. Davorin Tome) and cultural - archaeological values (dr. AntonVeluscek).

Postcard on Secovlje Salina.

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