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Project BIRDS

15 February 2001

Hi Valerie, Firstly, the Minister's launch of the planning framework for Victoria's Ramsar sites was a great success, and there was much interest in the Ramsar posters. For your reference, the documents that were launched on 2 February can be downloaded from   .

The posters were also used the following week at a workshop involving Australasian shorebird site managers. As mentioned in previous correspondence, there will be many other occasions throughout the year to put them on display.

The other reason I am writing is to ask a big favour. If there is still an opportunity, I would like to post some information on the Ramsar website as a belated World Wetlands Day story. I would have sent the information sooner, but I was otherwise occupied with preparations for launching the above mentioned policy.

Over the past 12 months, I have been involved with an initiative to protect habitat for migratory waders that visit the Western Port Ramsar site. The project is unique (in the Australian context at least) in that it involves corporate sponsorship to facilitate on-ground conservation and interpretation works on public land. The project is jointly sponsored by Bayer Australia and Parks Victoria and has become known as Project BIRDS (Bayer International Regeneration and Development Scheme). Further information on the project is provided in the attached document.

Project BIRDS is an excellent example of different sectors of the community working towards a common conservation goal. The project also has an education component (coordinated by Greening Australia) that engages a local primary school in on-site conservation activities. In recognition of its achievements in this area, Project BIRDS recently scooped up first place in an education industry award scheme!

It would be very much appreciated if you could arrange to place a brief description of the project in the World Wetlands Day section on the website, with a link to the more detailed description provided in the attachment.

Best regards, Ben

Ben Churchill [ ]

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Read more about Project BIRDS here.

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