World Wetlands Day 2001: Yugoslavia


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Celebration of the World Wetland Day in Yugoslavia

wwd2001-serb1.jpg (33082 bytes)The Institute for Protection of Nature of Serbia in cooperation with Public Enterprise "Srbijasume" and NGO Young Researches of Serbia jointly organized this year celebration of the World Wetland Day in the Special Nature Reserve "Obedska bara" . Obedska bara is on the List of the Ramsar sites since 1977.

The main topic of the meeting was: People and Wetlands - interactions and interests. Therefore all interested parties in development and protection of the wetland area (local people, governmental and nongovermental organizations, managers of the area, journalists...) gathered to exchange thoughts and opinions on values and benefits of the area for them all. The meeting was aimed to raise understanding of all participants about the other’s perceptions and feelings towards the Obedska bara, that should improve their cooperation, as well as chances for benefit for all: nature and people.

wwd2001-serb2.jpg (34960 bytes)In the beginning of the program visits to main Middle Edge cultural monuments were organized. The results of several-years activities of revitalization of the Obedska bara, done in cooperation of the Institute. "Srbijasume" Public Enterprise and Young Researches of Serbia were then presented, while participants could contribute by collecting and burning the branches on the wet meadows on the site. That way, they also could get a little warm up on that cold winter day.

After field working, presentation and workshop on the issue were held in local elementary school in the Kupinovo village. Within the workshop, role-playing was organized, in which all the actors switched their roles - representatives of the Institute became managers, Young Researchers representative acted as local resident, pupil as principle of the school, etc. The aim was again to enhance a chance and possibilities for solving difficulties in protection and development of the area. Present pupils from the school, shown their interest in participation in future actions in the Obedska bara.

wwd2001-serb3.jpg (25016 bytes)Numerous journalists participated in Ramsar Day celebration and spread the message of the occasion to the wide public. The main media sponsor of the meeting was Radio Sava, famous environmental program of the National Radio station, Radio Belgrade - 202.

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Natasa Panic
Institute for Protection of Nature of Serbia [ nature@net.yu ]

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