World Wetlands Day 2001: Germany


World Wetlands Day 2001 in Schleswig-Holstein, Northern Germany

Under the joint leadership of Dr Joachim Schrautzer of the University of Kiel’s Ecology Centre and Dr Karin Wolter of the Landesamt für Natur and Umwelt (State Bureau for Nature and Environment), World Wetlands Day 2001 is bringing together university scientists and state government environmental experts for a seminar on the protection of wetlands and moors. The organizers of the seminar have recognized the expanding emphasis of the Ramsar Convention upon the conservation of moor and peatland which are unique habitats for endangered plants and animals, as well as vital ecosystems for the storage and purification of water. They have therefore chosen 2 February 2001 for this day of discussion and sharing of information.

The aims of the Seminar are to sketch out a moorland conservation programme for the North German Land (State) of Schleswig-Holstein, to explore the possibities for optimizing the retention capacity of moorland and to discuss national and international moorland and wetland protection activities. One of the contributors will be Dr Claus Paludan of the Fyns Amt in Denmark who will speak on the setting up of a national wetland protection policy in Denmark.

The seminar will take place at the Landesamt für Natur und Umwelt Schleswig-Holstein, Hamburger Chaussee 25, 24220 Flintbek and further information is available from Dr. Michael Trepel, Ökologie Zentrum Universität Kiel (

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