World Wetlands Day 1998 in China

WWD posterWhat is World Wetlands Day? At the 19th meeting of the Standing Committee, in late October 1996, World Wetlands Day was officially designated for 2 February of every year, the anniversary of the signing of the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands in 1971, as an opportunity for governments, organizations, and citizens to undertake big and small actions intended to raise public awareness of wetland values and benefits in general and the Ramsar Convention in particular.

This page is part of a series of reports on activities held on and about WWD '98 in various countries of the world, as reported to the Bureau.  If you should know of any other activities not mentioned on these pages, send us a note ( and we'll add it to this list.

See also our earlier list of activities reported as planned for WWD '98, a repository of inspiring ideas in itself.


Qu Guilin, Acting Director General of the Department of International Cooperation, Ministry of Forestry, reports from the People's Republic of China:

2 February of this year was the second World Wetlands Day. The Chinese Government has initiated a number of activities for celebration. For your information, here are the main activities:

1. A speech was made by the Minister of Forestry, H. E. Mr. Chen Yaobang, on 2 February stating that "as an important part of the natural ecosystem of the world, wetland is one of the most important resources for human survival and development. Wetlands conservation is of great significance to the sustainability of biodiversity, the environmental protection and the social and economic development of China." He also revealed that a total of 152 wetland-type nature reserves, including 7 Ramsar sites, had been established in China to date.

2. Various media including newspapers, television and radio throughout the country broadcast the news of World Wetlands Day and the information concerning wetland conservation during the celebration.

3. Publicity activities were organized in local communities for promoting the awareness of wetland conservation in local areas. Such activities would be conducted in alliance with "Bird Loving Week", a traditional publicity activity conducted at provincial level each year in China.

16 March 1998. E-mail

Mr Jiang Yong, the East Dongting Lake Nature Research administrative bureau, reports in China Wetland News, issue no. 2 (1998):

The East Dongting Lake National Nature Reserve organized a vivid bird watching activity to commemorate the second World Wetland Day on 2 February 1998.  People observed ten thousands of rare wintering birds such as Swans, White Stork and Geese.  The Nature Reserve organized three times field bird watching and investigation. Greater Flamingo was found for the first time in the Nature Reserve.

During the World Wetland Day, a banding of the world endangered species Lesser White-fronted Goose was made and a special TV program named "set life free" was shown by Hunan TV station and Yueyang TV station.   Aimed at implementing the Action Plan on Conservation of East Asia Lesser White-fronted Goose, the authority of the Nature Reserve organized a Sino-Japanese training course on conservation of Geese.  The local television stations and news media strongly supported commemoration of the World Wetlands Day.

Ms. Yan Wen, the Nature Reserve Administrative Office of Jiangxi Province, reports on "Second World Wetlands Day in Jiangxi Province":

The Natural Nature Reserve Administrative Office organized several celebrations in the important wetland nature reserves -- Poyang Lake, Nanjishan, Qinglanhu and Yuanyanghu, in addition to the cities with large area of wetlands such as Nanchang, Jiujiang and Shangrao.  Jiangxi Provincial Television Station, Jiangxi Provincial Broadcast Station and some national newspapers were also organized to arrange corresponding celebration programmes or papers.

From China Wetland News: "China Green Times on February 2 carried several articles to celebrate the second World Wetlands Day through a special column."

Mr Li Changyou, the Zhalong Nature Reserve Administrative Bureau, reports on WWD in Qiqihar City:

Total over 50 people from Qiqihar Crane Protection Volunteer Association and Zhalong National Nature Reserve celebrated the second World Wetlands Day in the City Center Square under the minus 15 degree cold weather on February 2, 1998.  Large streamers and posters were handling and more than 5,000 leaflets on wetlands were disseminated to pedestrians.  The Broadcast Station of Heilongjiang Province, Qiqihar Television Station, Qiqihar Daily and Crane City Evening Paper spread this news.

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