Adaptation of Ramsar's 2014 WWD materials

Since 2002 the Secretariat has made the design files of our WWD materials available to encourage and facilitate the translation and adaptation of our materials to make them more relevant to national and local situations.

We are happy to showcase here the many WWD actors that have taken this opportunity in 2014 and adapted our materials in various creative ways. World Wetlands Day materials' adaptation in:

JapanLao PDR

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Algeria: Brochure based on the World Wetlands Day cartoon produced by Centre Cynégétique de Réghaia in Algeria

Algeria 2: Poster produced by Amira Bouaziz, Student at the University of Hadj Lakhdar, Batna
Poster displayed on 2 February 2014 during a conference organised by the University of Hadj Lakhdar and the Department of Forestry.

China: Poster and postcard produced by the State Forestry Administration


Poster translated into Chinese. 20,000 copies printed and sent to 31 provinces (55 departments), 16 agencies, universities, embassies, and NGOs.

Cartoon translated by the Jilin Forestry Bureau

Croatia: Poster produced by the State Institute for Nature Protection

Colombia: Poster and folder produced by the Universidad Distrital Francisco José de caldas, Bogotá
Materials produced for a Conference organised on 5 February.

France: Posters produced by Pôles-relais zones humides

For more information:

Grenada: Poster produced by the Forestry and National Parks Division of the Ministry of Agriculture, Lands, Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment

A series of community-based activities were organised, including a public awareness walk.

Greece: Poster and cartoons produced by the Delta Nestos-Lakes Vistonida-Ismarida Management

Blank cartoon templates were filled in by children.

Greece: Cartoons templates were filled by students of the "Fryganiotis" Private High School, Pafka, Thessaloniki

India: Poster produced by Zoo Outreach Organization, Coimbatore

India 2 : Poster translated into local language (Odia) by the Chilika Development Authority

Iran: Poster and leaflet produced by the Ramsar Regional Center for Central and West Asia (RRC-CWA) in cooperation with the Conservation of Iranian Wetlands Project (CIWP)

Poster and leaflet in Farsi

Iraq: Leaflet

Japan: Leaflet translated by the Ministry of Environment and cartoon translated by the Biwa-ko Wetland Study Group 

Lao PDR: Poster and Cartoon


Libya: Cartoon translated into Arabic on behalf of Ramsar's National Focal Pointy

Madagascar  Poster translated by Conservation International
Poster distributed to the local and regional offices of the Ministry of Environment and Forest.

Mexico: "Festival de las Aves" Banner

Myanmar: Bag printed with World Wetlands Day design

Portugal: materials translated by the Government's Institute for Nature Conservation and Forests (ICNF) and other organizations in Portugal 

Slovenia: Flyer advertising World Wetlands Day activities along the Mura river
English version                                            German version

Spain: Cartoon translated into Catalan by SEO/BirdLife in the Ebro Delta
Cartoon translated into Catalan and adapted to the local reality: "Long live the river [Ebro] and the wetlands!"

Spain 2: Poster by the Asociación Cultural Urcela
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