World Wetlands Day in China


Hong Kong Wetland Park

World Wetlands Day 2007 Hong Kong Celebration Programme

To commemorate the signing of the Ramsar Convention on 2nd February 1971, Hong Kong Wetland Park has organized the "World Wetlands Day 2007" to arouse public's awareness on wetland conservation through educational activities.

To enable the public to learn more about "Wetlands and Fisheries", a series of events was started from October 2006 to February 2007. A Celebration Ceremony was organized on 27 January 2007, detail report for the event can be view at:

World Wetland Day 2007 Programme series

The event was kicked-off in October and a series of activities was organized. These included:

My Favourite Scenic Wetland - "Wetlands and Fisheries" Photo Competition

The Photo Competition comprised of a photography workshop, wetland tours and competition. It aims to encourage public to spark their creativity and to link wetland scenery, fisheries and photography together. The event was organized from October to January, a total of 10 outstanding photos were selected for photo exhibition and for production of postcards, for further communication of message of wetland conservation to the public.

Participants learnt the operation of oyster farming. They are standing on oyster shells.

Communicate Wetlands and People - "Drawing and Painting our Wetlands" Competition

The event was organized on 4 November 2006, a total of 478 students joined the competition. The aim of the completion was to arouse students' awareness on wetland conservation. The best 20 entries of each category was selected for exhibition during the time of World Wetlands Day.

Website Design Competition on "Wetlands and Fisheries"

The Website Design Competition aimed to enhance students' understanding of wetlands and fisheries and to promote the use of internet to convey wetland conservation message. A total of 26 schools joined the competition, and 5 winning teams were selected. A CD-Rom was produced containing the winning entries. This competition was supported by the Education and Manpower Bureau, the Department of Computer Science in University of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Association for Computer Education

"Wetlands and Fisheries" Storytelling Competition

This competition was co-organised by Hong Kong Wetland Park and the Hong Kong Council of Early Childhood Education & Services. It aimed to encourage students to express the knowledge on wetland conservation by innovative way. The competition was held on 25 November 2006 and 2 December 2006 respectively, a total of 24 teams of primary and kindergarten students joined the competition.

Children pretend to be Fiddler Crabs, Clam and a piece of wetland

The 7th Inter-school Bird Race

The 7th Inter-school Bird Race was organized on 31 December 2006. Before the race, workshops and field trips were conducted from the end of November to mid-December to help students to build up identification skills on birds, habitat and race route design. A total of 6 winning team were selected after a 4-hour bird race. The highest number of record was 65 species covering a variety of wetland habitats at and around the Hong Kong Wetland Park.

The 7th Inter-school Bird Race - group photos of "bird watchers"

Spring Walk

A Spring Walk was organized on 4 February 2007 (which was the 1st day of "Spring Commences" in the Chinese calendar. Over 100 volunteers and supporters of the Hong Kong Wetland Park walked around the outer boundary of the Hong Kong Wetland Park, where participant enjoyed wonderful scenery as well as a variety of wetland habitat, and chances for seeing birds and habitat management in fishponds.

For further information, please visit the Hong Kong Park Website at

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