World Wetlands Day 2008 -- Marshall Islands


Ramsar Day Activities

These events took place during World Wetlands Day 2008 :

A. In Majuro:

1. A community public awareness and consultation meeting was held at Ajeltake Community for the purpose of establish a community coastal conservation area in said village. Representatives from EPA including our Conservatoin Officer, David Tibon, held the meeting with the people, giving a PowerPoint presentation on the expected benefits from said program, roles and responsibilities of the stakeholders, and EPA roles in assisting the community in public awareness. information exchange, and development of a management plan of the soon to established CA. There were over 120 people attending the consultation meeting and many of the community youths actively participated during the meeting serving refreshments and serenaded the crowd with songs. Next step would be for EPA and members of the community youths to conduct socio-economical and biological surveys of the proposed area.

2. All last month until World Wetlands Day, our weekly EPA radio program conducted interviews and dissemination of information related to Ramsar Convention in promoting wise use of the wetland resources.

B. Jaluit Atoll

1. School Presentations: The student members and their teachers of the Jaluit High School Health and Environment Club visited two elementary schools on Jaluit Atoll to give presentation on World Wetlands Day. The visits were so successful that all students and teachers (about 230) from these schools attended the presentations given by the high school students. Main issues discussed in the presentation include the following: Wetlands and coral reefs, Impact of Global Warming, ODS Depletion, and Solid Waste and Recycling.

2. Education Field Trip: Student members of the Health and Environment Club toured the Jaluit Mangrove Forest with Maity Bungitak, our Monitoring Officer, leading them through the forest and explaining about the wetlands ecosystems and the different terrestrial and marine species in the area.

3, The Science Teachers at the high school used their class periods to give lectures on WWD using the posters that EPA had forwarded. Also the teachers had invited all the high school students to submit drawings or written essays on two themes which were "healthy wetlands, healthy people, and "the important uses of wetlands". These essays will be sent to the EPA Office in Majuro for grading and winning awards will be issued to the best three students.

See attached photos of Jaluit Wetlands Area.

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