New Ramsar "Poster Exhibit" available for catalytic uses


Celebrated Ramsar Exhibit replicated in poster form

The justly-famous "Ramsar Exhibit" was unveiled in May 2000 to deafening applause and has already stunned crowds of passersby in large venues in Nairobi, Québec City, Tokyo, Amman, and Bonn.

exhibit4.jpg (35909 bytes)

Ramsar Bureau staff stand proudly before their new Exhibit  (May 2000).

In eight large, colorful panels designed by Saatchi & Saatchi, the Exhibit introduces the Ramsar Convention, its principal objectives and mechanisms, its Partners and its partnerships, and its sources of further information. Constructed upon a lightweight collapsible frame, the Exhibit is fairly easily shipped to the next important venue in two large rolling cases, and it cost a packet and a half to produce it.

Many, many have been the members of the "Ramsar family" – government authorities, partner organizations, dedicated local NGOs, ambitious citizens – who have eyed the Exhibit jealously and hinted at perhaps being allowed to borrow it for a little while for some worthy event.

But no, there’s only one real Ramsar Exhibit, and it’s heavy and fragile and expensive to get on and off the airplanes and through customs, and someone could lose some of the little connector bits, etc. To be frank, the full Exhibit is just not suitable for borrowing.

So, have a look at this . . . . .

 posterexhibit1.jpg (28407 bytes)

A wallful of  Ramsar posters

On the occasion of World Wetlands Day 2001, and the 30th anniversary of the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands, the Ramsar Bureau has come to the aid of all those yearning Friends of Wetlands and has developed a poster exhibit which reproduces in a relatively low-cost manner that very same magnificent original.

 Like its parent, the Ramsar Poster Exhibit was designed by Saatchi & Saatchi Switzerland and funded by the communications segment of the Evian Project, financed for the Ramsar Convention by the private-sector Danone Group and the French GEF.

posterexhibit2.jpg (29849 bytes)

A set of eight large posters (100cm x 70cm) has been subtly redesigned to capture the aesthetic feel of each of the Exhibit’s panels and reproduce the text, in English, French, and Spanish versions. It’s exactly the thing for introducing the Convention to the general public and our less well-informed colleagues at the various levels of government. And so now, in anticipation of World Wetlands Day 2001 and hopefully of many years of use afterward, this very neat package is being offered free of charge to the Ramsarophile public.

posterexhibit3.jpg (32443 bytes)

. . . But it’s still not cheap. Because of the production and mailing costs, the Bureau must try to ensure that the Poster Exhibit will be used effectively and catalytically. Requests for the set of eight posters should be accompanied by clear indications of the uses that will be made of it, because it will not be possible to distribute the limited quantities available to agencies and groups that are not in a position to achieve its best effect upon the public imagination. Persons and groups requesting the posters should also be prepared to display the entire set, and not just selected posters.

Agencies, organizations, and individuals wishing to use one of these poster sets should communicate their request to Ms Valerie Higgins of the Bureau ( ).

posterexhibitc1.jpg (23319 bytes)

posterexhibitc2.jpg (32855 bytes)

posterexhibitc3.jpg (25813 bytes)

posterexhibitc4.jpg (25893 bytes)

(See the original Ramsar Exhibit in its full glory at the Millennium Wetland Event, Québec City, Canada, August 2000.)

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