The launch of the Evian Project

The Evian Project

an introductory note

On Tuesday 27th January, the Secretary General, Delmar Blasco, signed a groundbreaking agreement on behalf of the Convention at a ceremony hosted in Paris by the French Government. The so-called "Evian Project" is a portfolio of activities in support of the Ramsar Convention, to be funded by the Groupe Danone (which includes the Evian mineral water company) and the French Global Environment Facility (FFEM), and developed with the support of the Government of France, the town of Evian, and the Conservatoire du Littoral. Day-to-day implementation will be carried out by a number of partners, under the overall responsibility of the Convention Bureau. The overall budget is 6.65 million French Francs (approximately US$ 1.1 million or SFR 1.6 million).

Evian logoCentred around the link between water quantity and quality in relation to wetland conservation, the Evian Project is composed of six action themes, together with the development of a major water and wetland information/visitor centre at a property in the town of Evian (on the French shore of the Lake of Geneva [Lac Léman]) which is owned by the Conservatoire du Littoral. This last part of the work will be financed separately by the town of Evian and the Conservatoire du Littoral to a level of FF 7,000,000.

The six action themes are as follows:

green dotTransfer of know-how

Establishment of biogeographical networks of Ramsar sites ‘twinned’ to promote technical exchanges on the issue of water resources and water quality as a component of site management plans. Two networks are envisaged ‘East Atlantic Coast’ and ‘Deltas of Closed Seas’ (Mediterranean, Black Sea, Caspian). [budget: FF 2,100,000]

green dotTraining

Technical capacity-building for wetland site managers, especially those isolated technically or geographically, notably from the Neotropical and Oceanian regions. [budget: FF 600,000]

green dotWater and health

Support for pilot projects concerning the participation of local communities in the field of wise use of water and the maintenance of water quality for the health of the human population. [budget: FF 750,000]

green dotAwareness raising for decision-makers

Seminars on the issue of wetland conservation policies to be organized at Evian with the aim of raising awareness amongst decision-makers. Four sessions are envisaged: South America, September 1998; West Africa, September 1999; two further sessions for regions not yet determined. [budget: FF 2,000,000]

green dotSupport for Ramsar communications

Development of information and communication tools aimed at strengthening the capacity and means (where there is a particular need) of Ramsar Contracting Parties to communicate via the Internet. Also, production of publications and audio-visual material, especially in preparation for Ramsar C0P7. A permanent display for the visitor centre being established in Evian, with a mobile version for use at conferences, etc., will also be developed. [budget: FF 1,000,000]

green dotCash prize for the ‘Ramsar Award’

The Danone Group will finance three prizes to be presented as part of the ‘Ramsar Wetland Conservation Award’ at the 7th Conference of Parties in Costa Rica, May 1999. The aim of the prizes is to recognize, make known, and encourage wetland management and conservation initiatives throughout the world. [budget: FF 200,000]


The Secretary General's address at the signing  (English)


Discours du Secrétaire général, le 27 janvier '98 (français)

Sir Dave Pritchard

Protocol establishing the Evian Project  (English translation)

Sir Dave Pritchard

Protocole d'Accord (French original)

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Press reaction to the Evian Project signing

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Photos of the 27 January protocol signing

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