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Since 1997, the Secretariat of the Convention on Wetlands (Ramsar, Iran, 1971), the United States State Department, and the United States Fish and Wildlife Service have operated a special initiative, the Wetlands for the Future (WFF) training programme, to benefit Latin American and Caribbean institutions and individuals through capacity building and training in the conservation and wise use of wetlands.  This initiative promotes the implementation of the concept of "wise use" of wetlands through strengthening the capacity of countries to manage their wetland resources in perpetuity and contributing to integrate wetland conservation and management with the development process. All proposed activities should be in line with the principles, recommendations and guidelines of the Ramsar Convention.

The sponsors of Wetlands for the Future wish to establish partnerships with training institutions, catalyze wetland training activities currently underway or planned within the region, or complement existing training and education initiatives with wetland-related instruction.

NOTE: The call for applications for Wetlands for the Future projects for the 2014 cycle should open at the end of September. 

Please check back here often.

Wetlands for the Future Fund (WFF): Operational Guidelines – 2013-2015

“Wetlands for the Future Fund: Benefitting Wetland Management and Conservation in Latin America and the Caribbean", 2010 (PDF)

"The Wetlands for the Future Fund: A Performance Review of the First Ten Years", 2006  (PDF)

Memorandum of Understanding on the "Wetlands for the Future" Initiative Between the Secretariat of the Convention on Wetlands of International Importance and the Government of the United States of America (June 2009)

Memorandum of Understanding between the Ramsar Convention & the US Government for the period 2003-2008 (January 2004)

Memorandum of Understanding between the Ramsar Convention & the US Government creating the Wetlands for the Future Fund (October 1997)

Wetlands for the Future, projects supported in 2009 (PDF)

Wetlands for the Future, projects supported, 1995-2008 (PDF)

Reports of completed WFF projects

Argentina, 2004
Argentina, 2007
Bolivia, 2002
Brazil, 2000
Colombia, 2006
Ecuador, 2001
Ecuador, 2003
Ecuador, 2007
Guatemala, 2002
Guatemala, 2006
Peru, 2004
St. Lucia, 1999
Uruguay, 2003

The "Operational Guidelines" / "Directrices operativas" explain the procedures and include the application and reporting forms.

Operational Guidelines
Directrices operativas

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