Ramsar Small Grants Fund Achievements

Achievements of the Ramsar Small Grants Fund: Results and Impacts

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Ramsar Secretariat’s visits to SGF projects offer an overview on the last achieved projects.

Ramsar Secretariat’s visits to SGF projects in:

  • Moldova, Dec. 2012. Report of the visit [PDF]. News item.
  • Georgia, Sept 2012. Report of the visit [PDF].
  • Uzbekistan, Nov 2010. Report of the visit [PDF].
  • Bangladesh, Jan 2010. Report of the visit [PDF]. News item.
  • Burkina Faso, Nov 2009. Report of the visit [PDF]. News item.

Allocations Reports

The Allocations Reports contain one-paragraph descriptions of each of the projects approved for each year's funding cycle.

2010 SGF Allocations Report 
2009 SGF Allocations Report2000 SGF Allocations Report
2008 SGF Allocations Report1999 SGF Allocations Report
2007 SGF Allocations Report1998 SGF Allocations Report
2006 SGF Allocations Report1997 SGF Allocations Report
2005 SGF Allocations Report1996 SGF Allocations Report
2004 SGF Allocations Report1995 SGF Allocations Report
2003 SGF Allocations Report1994 SGF Allocations Report
2002 SGF Allocations Report1993 SGF Allocations Report
2001 SGF Allocations Report1992 SGF Allocations Report

News items on completed SGF projects

[Note: these are occasional SGF news items as they have come to hand, not a thorough survey of completed projects.]

 Latvia 1999


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