Preliminary report on Small Grants Fund Allocations Report for 1998


Ramsar Small Grants Fund for Wetland Conservation and Wise Use (SGF)

Preliminary report on Small Grants Fund Allocations Report for 1998

21st Meeting of the Ramsar Standing Committee
Gland, Switzerland: 19-24 October 1998

SC21 DOC. 11.3, Annex 2 Revised

Projects Approved for Funding under the SGF in 1998

The reference number for each project as provided in the following lists corresponds to the reference number given on top of the first page of each full project proposal as available from the Bureau.

Projects were also submitted from the following countries but were not considered as they did not carry the endorsement of the Administrative Authority: Armenia (1 project), Belarus (1 project), Guatemala (1 project), and India (two projects).

Category A1 - Projects approved for funding under the SGF as of end of SC21 meeting using funds available as of 24 October 1998

These projects are listed in alphabetical order by country name, NOT in order of priority for funding

5. Bolivia (Neotropics)
Evaluation of the current status of Lake Poopó for its designation as a Ramsar site and the establishment of a Wise Use and Integrated Management Area
Amount requested: SFR 35,600

9. Chad (Africa)
Strengthening institutional capacities for the management of the country’s wetlands
Amount requested: SFR 40,000

12. Chile (Neotropics)
Impact of mining activities on the conservation status of high altitude (Andean) wetlands in the centre-north of Chile
Amount requested: SFR 18,500

13. China (Asia)
Conservation and management of wetlands in Qinhuangdao City of Hebei Province
Amount requested: SFR 30,000

16. Georgia (Eastern Europe)
Conservation of Javakheti Plateau wetlands in Southern Georgia
Amount requested: SFR 40,000

17. Ghana (Africa)
Rehabilitation and community management of mangroves and coastal wetlands in the Lower Volta Delta (Ramsar site)
Amount requested: SFR 40,000

25. India (Asia)
Economic Valuation of Harike Wetland, Punjab
Amount requested: SFR 40,000

28. Jamaica (Neotropics)
Towards management of the Black River Morass (Ramsar site) - gathering biological, social and economic data
Amount requested:SFR 40,000

30. Jordan (Asia)
Designating Burqu Reserve as a new Ramsar site in Jordan
Amount requested: SFR 40,000
Note: As requested by the 20th meeting of the Standing Committee, the Bureau has provided detailed advice to Jordan in the development of this project. This project to be funded only if the chair of the Subgroup on Finance approves a revised proposal.

38. Namibia (Africa)
Walvis Bay Wetland Conservation (Ramsar site)
Amount requested: SFR 40,000

39. Nicaragua (Neotropics)
Delimitation of the Nature Reserve "Laguna de Tisma" and surrounding marshy areas
Amount requested: SFR 25,000

44. Panamá (Neotropics)
Gathering basic information for the development of a global management plan for the "Golfo de Montijo" Ramsar site
Amount requested: SFR 38,600
Note: The Bureau should request clarification of some aspects of the budget.

45. Philippines (Asia)
Comprehensive management planning and institutionalization of the Protected Areas Management Board (PAMB) of the Naujan Lake National Park
Amount requested: SFR 30,000

49. Romania (Eastern Europe)
Selection and characterization of potential Ramsar sites in southern Romania
Amount requested: SFR 36,000

50. Russian Federation (Eastern Europe)
Development of a monitoring programme and draft management plans for the Ramsar sites located on the Kamchatka Peninsula
Amount requested: SFR 40,000

54. Slovak Republic (Eastern Europe)
National wetlands inventory and conservation in Slovakia
Amount requested: SFR 30,000

58. South Africa (Africa)
Conservation management of the Lower Berg River Wetlands
Amount requested: SFR 40,000

Total for 17 Category A1 projects = SFR 603,700

Category A2 - Projects for priority funding if further contributions are made to the SGF in 1998

These projects are listed in order of priority for funding. The rationale used to determine this order of priority is as follows:

1. projects from countries that have never received SGF support were placed first in the list (Ukraine and Latvia in priority order);

2. the next seven projects were ranked in priority order by the Bureau taking into consideration the relative merits of the projects in terms of the priorities stated in the Strategic Plan (that is, training and management planning) and the national importance of the project;

3. projects from non-Contracting Parties and those seeking assistance with accession were ranked a third priority group (Lao PDR and Belarus); and

4. projects from countries which already have a project in the A1 list for 1998 (Slovak Republic, Russian Federation) were ranked last.

62 (priority 1) Ukraine (Eastern Europe)
Implementation of wise use (inventory, assessment of management needs, legislative measures and education/public awareness raising) for the wetlands of the Dnipro valley of the Ukraine.
Amount requested: SFR 40,000
Note: The project will require some minor changes.

33. (priority 2) Latvia (Eastern Europe)
Measures to improve the management of the Teici State Nature Reserve Ramsar site and surrounding wetlands.
Amount requested: SFR 33,000

3. (priority 3) Armenia (Eastern Europe)
Implementation of the Ramsar Strategic Plan in management of Sevan National Park
Amount requested: SFR 40,000

14. + 15. (priority 4) Costa Rica (NOTE: Two projects merged into one) (Neotropics)
Land-use and property mapping and boundary delimitation for the management of the Ramsar sites Térraba-Sierpe and Gandoca Manzanillo
Amount requested: SFR 40,000

2. (priority 5) Argentina (Neotropics)
Management plan for the Ramsar site "Laguna de Llancanelo" and surrounding area
Amount requested: SFR 40,000

34. (priority 6) TFYR Macedonia (Eastern Europe)
Management plan for the conservation of Prespa Lake (Ramsar site)
Amount requested: SFR 34,200

35./36. (priority 7) Mexico (Neotropics)
Non-formal environmental education for the "Pantanos de Centla" Biosphere Reserve (Ramsar site)
Amount requested: SFR 38,500

37. (priority 8) Morocco (Africa)
Preparation and production of educational resource materials for the Sidi Boughaba Environmental Training Centre (Ramsar site)
Amount requested: SFR 38,000

21. (priority 9) Honduras (Neotropics)
Environmental education and public awareness in "Cuero y Salado" Ramsar site
Amount requested: SFR 39,000
Note: Funding to this project should be made under condition of submission of the final report for a previous SGF project.

7. (priority 10) Brazil (Neotropics)
Assessment of the values of the tropical wetlands of Sauipe (Subauma, Bahia)
Amount requested: SFR 40,000

32. (priority 11) Lao PDR (non Contracting Party) (Asia)
Implementation of the Ramsar Convention in the Lao PDR - Preparatory assistance for accession to the Convention on Wetlands
Amount requested: SFR 25,000

4. (priority 12) Belarus (non Contracting Party) (Eastern Europe)
Identification and description of wetlands of Belarus that meet the Ramsar criteria (description of first site - preparatory assistance)
Amount requested: SFR 25,000

55. (priority 13) Slovak Republic (Eastern Europe)
Latorica Ramsar site - evaluation, management proposal, and restoration of selected wetlands
Amount requested: SFR 34,000

53. (priority 14) Russian Federation (Eastern Europe)
Inventory of Ramsar sites in the Amur Region
Amount requested: SFR 16,000

Total for 14 Category A2 projects = SFR 482,700

NOTE: 67. Zambia submitted a project proposal for the Finalisation of a National Wetlands Policy for Zambia (amount requested: SFR 40,000). This project will be funded by a Swiss grant because of its national significance.

Category B - Projects recommended for funding by the SGF if sufficient funds become available after funding the Category A1 and Category A2 projects

These projects are listed in alphabetical order by country name, NOT in order of priority for funding

1. Algeria (Africa) (subject to report being provided for previous SGF project)
Training sessions for "Service de la Protection de la Nature" personnel involved in forest and wetland conservation
Amount requested: SFR 40,000

6. Bolivia (Neotropics)
Support to implementation of Action Plan for the conservation of wetlands in Bolivia
Amount requested: SFR 39,000

8. Brazil (Neotropics)
Development of a Georeferenced Data Bank on the Brazilian wetlands
Amount requested: SFR 40,000

19. Ghana (Africa)
Environmental Assessment on the water quality and aquatic living resources of the Keta Lagoon Ramsar site
Amount requested: SFR 40,000

18. Ghana (Africa)
Management of Owabi Wildlife Sanctuary Wetlands
Amount requested: SFR 40,000

23. Hungary (Eastern Europe)
Wetland habitat restoration by filling up the canals on the northern buffer zone of Kardoskút Fehértó Ramsar site
Amount requested: SFR 40,000

31. Korea, Republic of (Asia)
Ecological study of brackish tidal flats of Suncheon Bay
Amount requested: SFR 40,000
Note: The project would require some minor changes.

41. Niger (Africa)
Emergency plan to combat the water hyacinth in the Ayorou Gaya part of the Niger river
Amount requested: SFR 40,000

42. Panamá (Neotropics) (subject to an appropriate budget breakdown being provided)
Impact of fishery activities in the Golfo de San Miguel on the Punta Patiño wetland
Amount requested: SFR 40,000

48. Philippines (Asia)
Implementation of strategic objectives to strengthen and improve management efficiency for the Olango Island Wildlife Sanctuary
Amount requested: SFR 40,000

52. Russian Federation (Eastern Europe)
Development and implementation of management plans for Ramsar sites on the Western Siberian Islands
Amount requested: SFR 40,000

56. Slovak Republic (Eastern Europe)
Súr Ramsar site - proposal of ecological and hydrological measures for restoration and their implementation in selected parts
Amount requested: SFR 40,000

59. Togo (Africa)
Integration of population in the sustainable development of the Togodo Wildlife Reserve (Ramsar site)
Amount requested: SFR 40,000

63. Venezuela (Neotropics)
Fish inventory of the Camaguán Estuaries
Amount requested: SFR 39,000

64. Venezuela (Neotropics)
Impact of white shrimp (Penaeus schimitti) fishing in the "Ciénaga de Los Olivitos" Wildlife Refuge and Fishery Reserve (Ramsar site)
Amount requested: SFR 40,000

66. Yugoslavia (Eastern Europe)
Wetland inventory of Lake Skadar catchment area
Amount requested: SFR 16,000

Total for 16 Category B projects = SFR 614,000

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