Ramsar's CEPA Oversight Panel

Through Resolution IX.18 adopted at COP9 in November 2005, the Parties instructed the Standing Committee at its 34th meeting to establisha CEPA Oversight Panel to monitor and report on the implementation of the Convention's Communication, Education, Participation and Awareness (CEPA) Programme established by Resolution VIII.31, and to examine and set priorities for communication, education and capacity building.

Although the Resolution noted that the CEPA Panel should meet mostly through electronic means, at Standing Committee's 34th meeting it was agreed that the first meeting should take place face-to-face on the 29th May, 2006, in Gland.

Report of the 1st Meeting, 29 May, 2006
Report of the 2nd Meeting, 20-21 June, 2007
Report of the 3rd Meeting, 29 and 31 October, 2008
Report of the 4th Meeting, 1-2 May, 2010
Report of the 5th Meeting, 7-10 July, 2012
Report of the 6th Meeting, 12-14 April, 2013
Report of the 7th Meeting, 3-5 December, 2013

Report to Standing Committee 36, February 2008
Report to Standing Committee 40, May 2009
Report to Standing Committee 42, May 2011
Report to Standing Committee 43, October 2011
Report to Standing Committee 46, April 2013
Report to Standing Committee 47, March 2014

Report to COP 9, Uganda, November 2005
Report to COP 10, Rep. of Korea, October 2008
Report to COP 11, Romania, July 2012

Advisory Document on CEPA Resolutions, Nov 2010
Report on Raising the profile of the Convention through Ramsar-related meetings
CEPA for Wetland Site Managers

Members of the CEPA Panel 2013-2015
From left, front row: Malta Qwathekana (Chair), Sari Airas, Stanley Tshitwamulomoni, Edwar Netshithithole (Observer), Sandra Hails  (ex-officio), Chris Prietto.
From left, back row: Suh Seung-Oh,  Esther Koopmanschap, Chris Rostron.
Missing: James Clarke, Nunia Thomas, Nick Davidson (ex-officio)

Photo: Nick Davidson

Membership of the CEPA Panel

The composition of the CEPA Panel for the period 2012-2015, as established by SC40, includes:

Vice Chair of SC [Chair of the Oversight Panel]: Ms Malta Qwathekana (South Africa)
Chair of the SC Subgroup on Finance: Ms Elizabeth Roberts (Canada)
Vice-Chair of the STRP: Ms Chris Prietto
STRP CEPA Expert: Ms Chris Prietto
CEPA Government NFP: Mr Stanley Tshitwamulomoni (South Africa)
CEPA Government NFP: Ms Sari Airas (Finland)
CEPA NGO NFP: Ms Nunia Thomas (Fiji); Alternate, Ms Kelera Macedru (Fiji)
CEPA NGO NFP: (to be confirmed)
IOPs representative: Mr James Clark (IWMI, International Water Management Institute)
Additional expert: Ms Esther Koopmanschap, Wageningen UR Centre for Development Innovation (Participatory skills expert)
Additional expert: Mr Chris Rostron Head of Wetland Link International (Wetland centre expert, )
Regional Ramsar Centre representative: Mr Suh Seung Oh (Ramsar Regional Centre -  East Asia)
Ramsar Advisory Board on Capacity Building representative: To be decided

Ex officio: Nick Davidson, Deputy Secretary General; Sandra Hails, CEPA Programme Officer

Background documents

Resolution IX.18 Establishment of an Oversight Panel for the CEPA activities of the Convention

Standing Committee DOC. SC34-11 Establishment of an Oversight Panel for CEPA activities and adoption of a modus operandi

Standing Committee DOC. SC34-14 Report on training activities and capacity building from the Ramsar Advisory Board on Capacity Building
Standing Committee Decision SC36-16 on CEPA Focal Point membership of the Panel

Resolution VIII.31The Convention's Programme on communication, education and public awareness (CEPA) 2003-2008 (now superceded by Resolution X.8)

Resolution X.8 The Convention's Programme on communication, education, participation and awareness (CEPA) 2009-2015

Standing Committee Decision SC40-34 (2009) on the criteria for nomination  of CEPA NGO Focal Points to the Panel 

Standing Committee Decision SC43-8 (2011) on the replacement of CEPA Focal Point members of the Panel  who leave their posts during a triennium

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