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CD-ROM on Water Resources for Latin America

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CD-ROM on water resources for children in Latin America

We are pleased to inform you that the General Water Directorate in Chile has produced, with support from the Wetlands for the Future Fund, a CD-ROM which compiles school teaching material on water resources and their sustainable management for children between 10 and 13 years old and their teachers. This material consists of 4 fully-coloured textbooks on the following topics:

1. Water as a Source of Life
2. Water and our Environment
3. The Water Law in Chile
4. Integrated Water Basin Management

Each chapter contains different sections such as Exploration activities and experiments, informative texts about different themes, curious and interesting facts, summary activities, glossary and links to relevant web sites. As a complement, the CD includes a Teachers’ Guide for the use of this material.

Copies of this CD are available from the Ramsar Bureau for any person or organization that wishes to use them for educational purposes. In Chile, the General Water Directorate will distribute it to numerous schools throughout the country. Although the textbooks were developed in Chile, they are applicable to any Spanish-speaking children as most of their contents are universal in nature. If you are interested in receiving this material, please write to Iván Darío Valencia Rodríguez (, Regional Assistant for the Americas.

Reported by Iván Darío Valencia Rodríguez, Ramsar Bureau

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