7 June 2010: Launch of an animated 40th anniversary Ramsar logo

Today, the Ramsar Convention kicked off the festivities of the Convention's 40th Anniversary in 2011  

The Convention’s member countries are committed to developing and implementing wetland action plans at the local, national and regional levels, and to encouraging accession of non-member states. The launching of the logo took place this morning at a workshop for the development of such plans in the Arabian Peninsula, with representatives from Contracting Parties as well as regional governmental organizations and NGOs.

Be among the first ones to discover it by playing the short animation above!

VIP group at the launchMr. Ali Al-Keyumi and Nick Davidson left and right of the bannerGroup photo

The launch of the 40th anniversary logo is a worldwide invitation to all those who care about wetlands - governments, NGOs and civil society - to begin planning their contribution to next year’s festivities in celebration of 40 years of wetland action.

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Some history

Negotiated through the 1960s by countries and non-governmental organizations that were concerned at the increasing loss and degradation of wetland habitat for migratory waterbirds, the treaty was adopted in the Iranian city of Ramsar in 1971 and came into force in 1975. It is the oldest of the modern global intergovernmental environmental agreements with to date 160 global memberships addressing water and ecosystems management.

Originally created to preserve wetlands as a vital habitat for waterfowl, the Ramsar Convention has inspired advances over the past 40 years in the conservation and wise use of all wetlands through local and national action and international cooperation to sustain the diverse socio-economic benefits wetlands deliver to people throughout the world.

Today the Ramsar Convention works closely with IUCN and many other environment-related global and regional organizations. It has collaborative agreements with most global environmental conventions, including operating as the lead implementation partner on wetlands for the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD).

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Looking forward to the celebrations

We hope that the launch of the 40th anniversary logo will kick start a global wave of activity throughout 2011 to celebrate wetlands, why we care about them, and what we as a Convention have achieved over the last 40 years.

You can already download here the 40th logo itself in animated and non-animated form and creatively adapt it for your own events for the anniversary.

> More downloads:

Animated logo (last update: 15.11.10)Flash animation in English
video/Anim_notext.swfFlash animation without text

World Wetlands Day 2011

Wetlands and Forests is the Ramsar WWD theme for 2011, recognising that the UN has identified this year as the International Year of Forests. It is of course going to be a year of double celebrations for Ramsar – celebrating wetlands and forests in our WWD campaign but also taking the opportunity to celebrate the Convention’s 40th birthday.

Our WWD poster and leaflet look at the relationship between wetlands and forests. We often talk about terrestrial forests and their important role in the hydrological cycle and thus in the health of wetlands from mountaintop to coast. We’ll be looking more specifically at this relationship. Of course this is also a wonderful opportunity to focus on forested wetlands - our mangroves, nipah swamps, freshwater swamp forests, forested peatlands and seasonally flooded forests. Many of these deliver an amazing range of ecosystem services that support human lives and livelihoods. 

This will be our chance to focus on these wonderful wetlands. Where are they? How are they? Why do we need them? And we will be making use of this opportunity to encouraging countries to designate more of these vital wetland types as Ramsar Sites – a gift to Ramsar on its 40th birthday!

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